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Dear Visitor, simply fill the below form to get our free invitation to PAINTEX MIDDLE EAST AFRICA 2021 from 18 - 20 Mar 2021.

Visitors who require a letter of invitation in order to apply for a visa to enter Egypt can follow this link to immediately create the letter of invitation Click Here.

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PAINTEX Middle East Africa hosted buyers program is dedicated B2B platform that presents industry professionals the opportunity to meet with hundreds of selected buyers from Egypt, the region and the world. The platform facilitates business undertakings and maximizes return on investment for participants through expansion of their business network and signing agreements on the spot.

Among key buyers on the exhibition

Retail / Wholesale

Trade Planners

Industrial Sector

Interior Designers


Real Estate Specialists

Visitors & Buyers


  • Coating Job-shops
  • Construction Professionals
  • Automotive Industry & Suppliers
  • Commercial Vehicles, Railway, Ship and Shipyards
  • Government authorities
  • Machinery Manufacturing
  • Metal and Sheets Processing
  • Plastic Processing
  • White Goods and Household Appliances
  • Furniture (Wood & Metal)
  • Sports and Leisure Products
  • Metal & Glass Façade Construction
  • Window Manufacturing
  • Electronics Industry
  • Heating and Cooling Industry
  • Packaging Industries
  • Radiator Manufacturers
  • Bridges, Pipelines and Power Supply Lines
  • Professional Buyers
  • Distributors and Investors